#NEFloodRelief Efforts Update: The Ride Ends, The Journey Continues…

Continuing on from our previous update on our team mate Rahul Kumawat’s incredible journey, the day 8 of his ride led him from Chandigarh to Kurukshetra,  on his way back.  Enroute, he was joined by several fellow cyclists and was also interviewed by a journalist for the Times of India, Chandigarh.

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Battling wet and cold weather, Rahul bravely pedalled on, towards Panipat (on day 9), before finally heading towards Delhi on the final day.


Heavy fog and a deep chill had tightly wrapped itself around the city, as our lone ranger cyclist slowly made his entry back into his city.

Eventually by the time he reached India Gate, Delhi, the fog had lifted and visibility was better.


And thus, Rahul completed his incredible 10-day endeavor.

However, Team V.O.I.C.E continues on its journey, to help the children in Meghalaya, even as the Ride by Rahul @Pedal_India has come to an end. Much thanks to each one of you who supported us in your own way.