#NEFloodRelief Efforts Update: Ride for Meghalaya Day 1-7

As mentioned earlier, Rahul Kumawat, a V.O.I.C.E. team member,  embarked on a  cycle ride across North India to promote awareness of  #NEFloodRelief for Meghalaya.

The ride on Day 1 began on a cold but bright morning of 8th December 2014  at India Gate, Delhi. Rahul spoke to a few people at India Gate about #NEFloodRelief and his proposed ride. He then cycled 125 kilometres (kms) from India Gate to Panipat.

On Day 2, Rahul moved towards Kurukshetra, via Karnal (though, to be precise, he didn’t halt at Karnal). Day 2 night halt was at Kurukshetra.

On Day 3, the ride progressed towards Ludhiana even as the weather turned chilly and foggy.

Day 4 saw Rahul waking up in a rainy Ludhiana. So now, he not only had to combat poor visibility and cold weather but also deal with slippery roads and wet weather. Undaunted though, this gutsy young man continued on his mission, his next route being Ludhiana to Amritsar via Jalandhar. Reaching Amritsar completed the onward journey of his route plan since he had set out from Delhi towards Amritsar. Now, he would embark on his return journey from Amritsar to Delhi covering few other cities along the way.

At Amritsar, he visited the famous Golden Temple and paid his tribute to the martyrs at Jallianwala Bagh memorial. (You can read more about the memorial here).

On Day 5, Rahul set out from Amritsar to Jalandhar on the first leg of his return journey.

The day 6 route comprised reaching Ludhiana from Jalandhar. The weather was still damp and visibility not too good. He halted for the night at Ludhiana.

On Day 7, a good seven days after he had set out from India Gate in Delhi, Rahul reached Chandigarh. The weather was even wetter here with rains pouring continually.

In the course of the journey thus far, Rahul met a few people, some of whom were fellow cyclists from various cities.

Rahul now continues on, towards Kurukshetra, Panipat, and finally back home, Delhi.

Some pictures from his ride so far.



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About Rahul Kumawat:

Rahul Kumawat, originally from Rajasthan now staying in Delhi, is passionate about cycling and social causes. He has played a key role in various efforts of team V.O.I.C.E including the Uttarakhand floods and Cyclone Phailin.